I have a passion for helping others heal. This passion was sparked when my own health became my top priority, in the midst of dealing with multiple conditions.

Anxiety and panic attacks were a common occurrence. I tried different things to soothe myself but I still experienced racing thoughts in my mind and tension in my chest and throat.

There must have been an inner knowing inside of me that there was another way out of this spiral. I had heard about yoga and I was curious. I decided on a whim to take a class even though I was uncomfortable initially going to the class (due to social anxiety). Just one class was all it took. I instantly felt the weight lifted off my chest. I walked out of the class feeling like I was floating.

I was empowered. I was inspired to keep taking action toward bettering myself. I got into personal development. Nutrition. Researching how to naturally heal my digestive issues and my severe acne. Yoga made me realize I could be my own healer.

It took time for me to truly realize what I needed to do to heal. I knew I needed to prioritize my health, but it was not a linear path. I went through ups and downs. Wavered between a passion for healing and a lack of commitment to my health. I was a college student at the time and got caught up in the typical “partying phase.”

It took me nearly 5 years of this back and forth before I truly committed to an embodied lifestyle of health. For me, this looks like a daily practice – because I realized my main priority in life is FEELING GOOD. Committing to myself and my health meant making sacrifices that were not easy, but over time this way of life becomes easy because I have fallen in love with feeling my best.

I aim to be the support system in my clients’ lives – the anchor that holds them accountable to their daily practices. The work that I share with my clients goes deeper than doing yoga poses for the sake of strength and flexibility. This practice inspires you to create positive change in every single area of your life. This practice empowers you to embody the most vibrant healing within, every day.