what is yoga?

yoga is connection
The word "yoga" translates to "union" or "connection." Yoga poses are really just a small part of the practice, which also encompasses meditation, breathing practices, concentration, and morals to live by. The yoga poses were initially developed to help people feel more at ease in their bodies so that sitting in meditation would feel more accessible. Yoga is more than movement & stillness, it is a way of life. 

yoga is healing

The presence of yoga in my life has been completely transformative. I have built not only physical strength - I have built up resilience to stress. It is empowering to be able to have simple and effective tools at my fingertips to access whenever mental or physical tension comes up. 

yoga is empowerment

My passion is sharing the gift of yoga with others. Because of the potent shifts the practice has created in my life, I believe that yoga should be accessible for everyone. My specialities include therapeutic and restorative yoga. I provide private sessions that empower people to create positive shifts in their lives. 

my offerings
I offer private sessions in-home and online. To learn more about how we could work together to develop your transformational practice, send me an email or schedule a complimentary consultation.