Linda F.

"I first came to Chelsea's yoga class about a year ago. I instantly felt welcome and not pressured to do all the poses despite my physical limitations. Even in a big class, Chelsea gave me options that helped me adapt the practice to my own body. I've taken away tools that I can incorporate into my daily life that help with building strength and flexibility. I've also learned breathing awareness. Chelsea has also served as my massage therapist and has been very supportive on my path to healing." 

Jim K.

"I've been taking class with Chelsea for two years. She was recommended to me by a friend. My first class was the first time I had ever taken Yoga. Chelsea was great and made me feel welcome. My goal was to help reduce my blood pressure and stretch. What I have noticed in addition has been increased back strength, better balance and most importantly, an hour out of my day to totally relax. I find her voice and teaching style to be extremely relaxed and focused at the same time. Chelsea has made a positive impact on my overall health."

Robin P.

"I have been taking classes with Chelsea for nearly three years. I have spinal stenosis and when I took Chelsea's class it helped my back tremendously. As a matter of fact, the pain has pretty much gone away thanks to the yoga poses Chelsea taught me. I truly believe in the health benefits of yoga! I absolutely notice changes in my body such as less back pain, much better posture and I'm much less stressed out. Chelsea has a very calming demeanor and no matter what age you are, you can easily follow her and feel confident in yourself that you can do the poses."

Gary H. 


"I've been taking classes with Chelsea for nearly a year. One of the things that kept me coming back to Chelsea’s classes is that I always felt better after taking the class than when I went in. One of the things I really liked about Chelsea’s teaching style is that she suggests several alternatives for the poses. Some of us have shoulder issues while others have back or knee issues that come with age. If you have attended other yoga classes and found them to be too challenging or if you haven’t tried yoga because you don’t think you are flexible enough I urge you to give Chelsea’s classes a try."

Martha K.


"I have been practicing yoga since 2004 and I felt all its physical and mental benefits. After practicing for 10 years, I began to feel stuck in my practice and I wasn’t making any progress. But two years ago, I started practicing with Chelsea and the way she teaches have helped me reach new levels of mental clarity and awarenesses, as well as physical strength. She is an excellent instructor and I feel very grateful for the opportunity of having her as my yoga teacher."

Dawn S.

"I have had a lot of stress in my life recently with the sudden loss of my husband. Taking Chelsea's yoga class puts me in a peaceful place. Chelsea has a very calming way about her, very soothing voice. She makes yoga accessible to everyone, all levels."